Strengthening and empowering youth and families since 1993.


Youth & families served since 1993


Fully equipped residential homes


Treated for sexual abuse


Employees trained in trauma-informed care

We specialize in Trauma-Informed Care & Dialectical Behavior Therapy. We are located in the Greater Sacramento Area.

Nonprofit Mental Health Agency

Summitview is a private, nonprofit organization licensed by the State of California to provide a variety of mental health services to children, adults, and families.

We offer outpatient mental health services, wraparound services, residential treatment, and special education services for adolescent boys and girls. Although we treat a variety of psychological problems and symptoms, the residential treatment program specializes in treating adolescent boys and girls who are suicidal and engage in self-harm behavior. We have a STRTP (Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program) home specializing in working with sex-trafficked youth. In addition, we provide residential mental health services for adults with mental illnesses in El Dorado County.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide youth, adults, and families with a foundation for healthy, lasting relationships by fostering positive changes within themselves through an environment of inclusion, compassion, and support.

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