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In unity and solidarity

Summitview Child & Family Services, Inc. is committed to standing with our brothers and sisters who have experienced oppression, discrimination and inequity.  There is sadness and anger as we witness this time in history. There is also great pride in watching a movement of activism taking shape in our nation and world.

To couple these historical times and the importance of racial equity with the pandemic of COVID19, it is important to recognize that the mental health of those we serve, our staff, our families and our communities remains most important.

While we can’t wipe away the impact of decades of racism and bigotry, we are hopeful in the resolve to change history. Summitview takes a stand to be honest about white privilege and systemic racism. We hope to walk forward together in a climate of unity that upholds dignity for all.

As public servants, it is imperative that we invest in change and our people. When we act together, we are stronger.

We must be sensitive to the overwhelming pain experienced in our communities. There are inherent biases that must be confronted and addressed.

Summitview stands up for racial equity. Now, is the time for change!

In unity and solidarity,

Anna Gleason

CEO, Summitview Child & Family Services, Inc.

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