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Our Therapeutic Day Program (know as TDP) provides a structured multi-disciplinary program of therapy, consisting of a variety of groups and activities.

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Summitview offers an array of groups each afternoon of the week. These group services are referred to as our Therapeutic Day Program or TDP. The central goals of the TDP are as follows: to improve social and interpersonal functioning with peers, family, and community; to address each youth's mental health needs; and to return the youth to a less restrictive setting within the shortest amount of time possible, teaching self-management skills that youth can use to deal effectively with present and future difficulties.

Therapeutic Day Program

The TDP provides a structured multi-disciplinary program of therapy, consisting of a variety of groups and activities. The program runs Monday-Friday between the hours of 1:30pm-4:30pm, 235 days per year. Youth participate in the group selection process, enrolling in groups that are appropriate to their psychological needs and developmental level. Structured group formats with established curriculums are utilized to ensure maximum clinical benefit.


Therapeutic Milieu: The goal of the therapeutic milieu within the TDP is to teach, model, and reinforce constructive interactions by involving youth in the overall program via process and skill-building groups. The program includes behavior management interventions that focus on teaching self-management skills that youth may use to control their own lives, to deal effectively with present and future problems, and to function well with minimal or no additional therapeutic intervention.


Process groups: These groups, facilitated by staff, support each youth in developing necessary skills to deal with life struggles. The group process utilizes peer interaction and feedback to develop and/or expand problem-solving strategies and assist in resolving behavioral and emotional challenges.


Skill-building groups: Skill-building groups help youth identify barriers related to effective coping. Through the course of group interaction, youth identify and develop skills that break down these barriers and increase adaptive behaviors and improve overall functioning.


Adjunctive groups: These groups utilize self-expression, such as art, recreation, dance, or music as the therapeutic intervention. Participants do not need to have any level of skill in self-expression, but rather be able utilize the modality to develop or enhance skills directed toward achieving their respective goals.


The following is a list of group topics that provide an example of services offered.

Individual therapy by a licensed clinician or supervised intern
Family therapy
1:1 supportive services available to youth including Independent Living Skills, social skills in the community, support in the home environment, and aftercare
Stress and Coping
Family Issues
Depression Amelioration
Aggression Replacement Training/Anger Management
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training
Pro-Social Skills Training
Mindfulness/Relaxation/Stress Management
Life Skills & Independent Living
Seeking Safety
Positive Communication Skills
Body Image Satisfaction
Substance Abuse Prevention
Sexual Abuse Treatment/Assertiveness Skills
Team Building
Conflict Resolution
Art Therapy/Music/Dance/Psychodrama/Yoga

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