Jordana spent 32 months in one of Summitview’s four group homes, under the watch of staff members 24/7. The girls were kept busy with a regimen of school, behavioral therapy, counseling, and activities. This mix of daily coaching, intensive therapy, and schoolwork clicked with Jordana. She made a conscious decision to go along with the program. And she grew more confident. At Summitview, she felt she was accepted. At 18 years old, she left Summitview to return to her high school to graduate with her classmates. Read her full story here

Jordana Steinberg

We believe that those we serve will be able to create desired, permanent, and positive changes within themselves and their communities.

Summitview has been Kayla’s family since she was 12 years old. It’s that family-like bond that was built with staff that helped her through some of her toughest moments. She’s been a constant fixture at Summitview over the years. Kayla was a victim of sex trafficking in her teenage years - with nowhere else to go and with no family to turn to, she returned to Summitview where she felt safe. With the help of dedicated staff, she felt cared for and has continued to reach out for support since her departure. - Kayla H.

Olya was not happy in her teenage years and she was headed down a dark path. When she arrived at Summitview, our staff worked tirelessly with her regardless of her behaviors and presentation. No one gave up on Olya and though, as an adult, she faces further struggles, she often expresses her thankfulness for Summitview helping her overcome. Olya enjoys coming to Summitview to share her success with other youth in our program. - Olya D.

All success stories are written interpretations of client testimonials, and some names and images have been changed to protect the privacy of the clients at Summitview Child & Family Services.

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