Our Agency Culture

Agency Culture.

Summitview is a relationship-based culture, as it is believed through connection and hope, youth and families have the best possible chance of success. We embrace the uniqueness and individuality of all, including full inclusion of the LGBTQ community. We believe each and every individual is deserving of permanency. Our culture is one of support and nonjudgment. We meet those we serve and all others “where they are at,” employing empowerment and healing in all our practices. It is our guiding principles that define our culture, including safe, trauma-informed, and stable connection. The environment celebrates diversity. There is an approach to crisis which includes that no individual can “fail” treatment. Our culture is focused on client-centered and strength-based care. We value each and every staff member and person we serve.

“The stories should affect us. It is my belief that no one working with suffering youth, adults, and families should become immune to the realities of complex trauma, mental illness, and hardship. I have served at Summitview for 24 years and wouldn’t change any part of my own journey here. It is through this, I have been touched with the presence of success, connection, and hope through the testimonies of others. Investing in those who suffer is truly the most rewarding experience when you realize your impact on those less fortunate.” – Anna G. / CEO

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