Summitview Child & Family Services, Inc. provides an excellent working environment in which to grow and learn. As a general rule, we offer some of the best wages and benefits in California for virtually all positions within the organization. The benefit package for all permanent positions includes medical, dental, and vision insurance, generous and flexible paid leave, life insurance, disability insurance, and a discounted gym membership. If you would like to see a list of all current open positions at Summitview please go to:


Summitview Career Center

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La fluidità sessuale è la capacità di cambiare l’oggetto dell’attrazione sessuale a seconda della situazione, dell’ambiente o delle relazioni. Rappresentare un segmento a un’estremità di cui – l’attrazione per gli uomini, Cenforce – alle donne. L’uomo “fluente” è un cursore che può muoversi tra diversi tipi di desezione. Ad esempio, a 22 anni, una persona tirata alle donne, in 25 – agli uomini, ecc. E la situazione sta cambiando di volta in volta. E questo non significa affatto che una persona non possa decidere: a seconda delle circostanze, sceglie l’opzione di maggior successo.

Employee Testimonials

Summitview was my first clinical training experience and I regularly reference these times in my current development as a PsyD student. The training was exceptional compared to many other sites that I’ve worked or trained at (private sector to federal installations). The staff are dedicated and available as a resource always (especially House Leader Leslie). Since my time as a residential counselor, I continue to consult, make referrals, and recommendations with Summitview’s framework in mind. I cannot reiterate enough how much I reference these experiences in the work and education I have engaged in for the past 7 years. You will not only be prepared for anything after Summitview, but you will definitely want to one day come back home to this community because of the work you do. There is nothing else quite like Summitview C&FS. Ke Mc


If you are considering a career in human services and desire a strong foundational experience working with at-risk youth, Summitview is an excellent place to begin. Working as part of a skilled and committed team, you will be given opportunities to make a positive impact in the lives of the youth Summitview serves. While challenging, working with this population will expand one’s skill set dramatically, and the rewards and experience that arise from this job role will pay personal and career dividends for many years to come. The several years I spent working at Summitview were among the most valuable of my career in health and human services, and I am happy to recommend Summitview Child and Family Services, Inc.  Ma Mi

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