"It is my belief that no one working with suffering youth, adults and families should become immune to the realities of complex trauma, mental illness and hardship … Investing in those who suffer is truly the most rewarding experience when you realize your impact on those less fortunate."

-Anna Gleason / CEO

Our mission is to provide youth, adults, and families with a foundation for healthy, lasting relationships by fostering positive changes within themselves through an environment of inclusion, compassion, and support.

Nonprofit Mental Health Agency

Summitview is a private, nonprofit organization licensed by the State of California to provide a variety of mental health services to children and families. We offer outpatient mental health, wraparound, residential treatment, and special education services for adolescent boys and girls, as well as a home specializing in working with sex-trafficked youth. Although we treat a variety of psychological problems and symptoms, the residential treatment program specializes in treating adolescent boys and girls who are suicidal and engage in self-harm behavior. In addition, we provide mental health services to adults with mental illnesses in El Dorado County.



Nonprofit Non-Public School

Summitview Academy is the educational component of Summitview Child & Family Services, Inc. Summitview Academy is a certified nonpublic school that provides individualized special education and supplemental mental health services for students whose needs cannot be met in a less restrictive setting. Class size is limited to no more than fourteen students staffed by one credentialed teacher and two teaching assistants. Traditional academics coupled with a strong system of behavior management are the key elements of the nonpublic school. Summitview Academy also offers a Vocational Skills Coach in addition to a comprehensive Independent Living Skills curriculum as well as extracurricular activities such as art, sports, music, and academic clubs, to the extent that they are consistent with each pupil’s IEP.

Agency Leadership Team

Anna Gleason

Chief Executive Officer

Anna Gleason has been an integral part of the organization for the past 24 years. Following her graduation from Oregon State University in 1991, Anna followed her passion for serving others. After a brief break from the nonprofit world to spend a couple years with her first child, Anna joined Summitview which at that time was a very young agency. Her work has focused on serving youth, adults, and families with severe mental health issues. Anna has compassion for the youth and has dedicated her career to helping youth find permanency, treating youth with trauma-informed care and being culturally aware and sensitive in all practices. Read Full Bio

She stepped into leadership with the program in 2000. Summitview has grown from a single residential home and a non-public school classroom to seven residential homes for children and youth, including one which is specialized in treating commercially sexually exploited youth, one residential home for adults diagnosed with severe mental health disorders, three non-public school classrooms, one independent study classroom, and an outpatient program serving hundreds of members of the local community.

Anna strives to stay current in industry trends, facilitate best practices, and empower youth, adults and families to make lifelong changes in all aspects of their lives.

Anna actively participates in multiple outside professional opportunities including but not limited to: El Dorado County Mental Health Commission, Northern California Valley Collaborative, the Children’s Residential Association, California Alliance of Children and Family Services, California’s Harm Reduction Committee, and El Dorado County's Multidisciplinary Team. She currently serves in her second and final term on the board with CACFS and was recently selected to serve on Child Welfare Council CSEC Action Team.

Anna continues to move the agency forward by opening a Crisis Residential facility in El Dorado County by 2019.

Summitview is nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation and employs over 200 staff. During Anna’s tenure with the agency, it is estimated that 2,000 clients have been served.

Corinne Morrison

Executive Vice President & CFO

As the Executive Vice President of Finance, Corinne is able to balance the business needs of the organization with the complex needs of those served in order to help assure comprehensive quality care. Corinne became a part of the Summitview team in 2018 with more than 20 years of accounting, finance, and operational experience. Working in the nonprofit space for over 10 years, she can balance the business needs of the organization with the complex needs of those served. Corinne received her degree in business administration from Biola University.

Heather Chapman

Director of Education

Awaiting Bio

Carol McCrory, MA, LMFT

Director of Admissions

Carol has been with Summitview since 2000, and has over 35 years of mental health experience. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology with a counseling emphasis from San Jose State University and later earned her Master of Arts degree in counseling from Humboldt State University. She became a licensed marriage & family therapist, LMFT, in 1988. Carol’s background includes working with chronic and acutely mentally ill adults in long-term locked facilities, day treatment programs, and a psychiatric health facility. Read Full Bio

She continued her career with El Dorado County Mental Health as a crisis worker, and then worked primarily as an outpatient therapist with children and families. Carol has maintained a private practice in the community for over 25 years, with a focus on marriage counseling, adults, and adolescents. Currently, she serves as the Clinical Director, and supervises the residential therapist, therapeutic day program, admissions and family specialists.

Chris Stedeford LMFT

Senior Director of Mental Health Programs

Chris became a part of the Summitview team in 2001.  He earned his Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology in 2003 from the Professional School of Psychology and was later licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 2008.  With several years of direct therapist and supervisory knowledge, Chris blends his passion for counseling with his experience to effectively and efficiently lead the community services programs. As the Director of Community Services, Chris oversees all outpatient contracted mental health services.

Haley Randle

Director of Youth Residential Programs

Awaiting Bio

Board of Directors

Sarah Henjum President 

Chris StickneyVice President

Rebecca HorrellTreasurer

Kristina RullerSecretary

Susan Gellman, Board Member

Stephanie Carlson, Board Member

Darrien Johnson, Board Member

Contact – shenjum@summitviewcf.org



Summitview’s team members are comprised of dedicated professionals who support the agency missions to provide youth, adults, and families with a foundation for healthy, lasting relationships by fostering positive changes within themselves through an environment of inclusion, compassion, and support.

Our interdisciplinary team of clinical and direct service personnel have the experience, competency, and support needed to provide services and meet the needs of client’s and their families. Our qualified professionals and specialists are available to provide services and support depending on the program model, population served, and specialized care needs. Personnel are qualified by education, training, supervised experience, and licensure as appropriate to the services provided.

It is our pleasure to serve you on journey.

Our Goals in Serving You:

  • Positive impact on clients through service delivery
  • Excellent quality service delivery
  • Effective management and operations to support service delivery

What We Hope You Will Achieve:

  • Achievement of Individual Service Goals
  • Increase in functional status
  • Secure health, welfare, and safety
  • Secure permanency of life situation
  • Improved quality of life
  • Change in clinical status (if applicable)

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